the land is coming back to me

wir reißen uns sechs beine für sie aus

do not put empty bottles on the table

I always wanted to ride cargo train through boring cities

and witness forgotten places during summertime.

sagres, new york

I am from there, I am from here

but I am neither there nor here

I have two names which meet and part

I have two languages,

but I have long forgotten - which is the language of

my dreams

no strings attached

you have to live

While people on the phone

And talking to each other

any info? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

der Betrunkene torkelt durch den Schnee, die Sterne begleiten ihn

my mind is a friendly crater

my mind is a friendly hell

why won’t you ever come to visit

why won’t you trust that lovely spell

Well, I'm going through a little bit of a rough patch.

Whole year, actually.

Listening to music

is making love to the musicians

sitting by the sounds

of waves

rolling in,

we watched

the sunset

It’s like one guitar and a whole lot of complaining

The very last picture you sent left me puzzled.

I still keep you in my top drawer.

🤞 ☮ ♥

wir sitzen am wasser die luft ist warm ambient laeuft im hintergrund.

wir machen kreuzwortraetsel und wissen alle antworten.

ploetzlich springt neben uns ein delphin aus dem wasser und zwinkert uns zu.

von bienen, fluessen, schlaf und acapulco

Im a poor lonesome cowboy

Im a long long way from home

And this poor lonesome cowboy

Has got a long long way to roam

Over mountains over prairies

From dawn till day is done

My horse and me keep riding

into the setting sun

You're walking.

And you don't always realize it, but you're always falling.

With each step you fall forward slightly.

And then catch yourself from falling.

but the best ships are friendships

may they always be

oder so



color of me

your touch grey

open eyes fall again

into eyes


die Energie, das Licht, die Pflanze , die Sonne, leben

das Lebewesen, der Koerper, nehmen, aufnehmen, umwandeln


shiny shoes & no excuses

unmade beds & vague disguises

letters on a shelf & and no surprises

yesterday's sentiments dissolving into tomorrow's abundances

oder auch

Waking up in a home that is not yours. Breathing air on a brisk February morning.

Asking someone to dance. Curling up.

Meeting the devil in front of his garden.

du hast deine <3 <3 <3 nicht gegessen

wir finden unser warmes

summen unten beim

fluss in der kommenden


login jan 12

Thank you for letting me be someone else.


hide the fact that there is nothing to say.

   keep on sucking.


  doomsday has come, no one noticed.

 now, there is left only trial, by chance resulting in lesser error.

blood and innocence

Tide pools big enough

Tide pools just deep enough to drown in

I saw that it

was beautiful

and I saw that, what was not the earth

was beautiful